So you say that

there are no good men,

and men have it easy.

Well, by being a man,

Your words do not please me.


See I have tried to love,

my black women.

GOD knows Iíve done the best I can.

No matter how hard I try,

From you, Iím still not called a man.


It doesnít matter whether itís me or not

that is causing this horrible sin,

For Iím thrown in the pot,

the pot of all ďNO GOOD MEN.Ē


Iím a man that loved my woman!

I provided, protected, and brought real love from within.

(Listen) I neglected my own self,

to give and do my responsibilities as a man.


However, do I get the respect that I deserve?

(Tell me) What is a womanís job to a man?

Should I run to your every beckon call?

Just to be considered in the picking of a man?

Well, women today donít or canít cook,

They canít clean a house from within.

They only see me as a benefit,

To get the things they want and attend.


You use your sex as a form of control,

To manipulate and have things your way.

You scheme and plot on my giving heart,

These are the type of women of today.


Either you can do everything a man can,

Or you use several men to accomplish your needs.

Oh, and your favorite words

ďYou canít tell me what to do,Ē

This is the attitude you feed.


GOD made me head, to provide and protect for you,

But how can I be that man, If you donít allow?

Sometimes the problem is not me, itís you,

If you would listen, I can show you how.


I can be the man made only for you,

But youíd rather down and hurt me,

You keep grudges, never build me up

So you are the one that taught me.


Never trust a woman,

A good woman, youíll never find.

They are never faithful,

You made this cold heart of mine.


So you say there are no good men,

I ask that you be quiet, before you start to fuss.

Cause the real men, we also have feelings,

We are scared of you as you are of us!



It was that time when I met you,
GOD brought you forth to me.
It was through time when I notice,
God's gift you were indeed.
For your love was just a mustard seed,
That GOD planted inside my heart.
For HE knew what HE was doing,
HE knew that we will never part.
Unfortunately, in order for me to see,
I had to witness the sun and rain.
It was nourishment for the planted seed,
that rooted deep inside my veins.
When I look around and see you still here,
still standing throughout the storms!
I've learned and now experienced,
The love GOD have, to all who mourns.
See, I've got something special,
better than any diamond and will stand through time.
GOD blessed me with a gift,

to live everyday of my life as if its Valentine.





What does it matter

if I am white or black

nor if our language isn't

the same when we chat?


What does it matter

if I have my own sense of style

a person's hair or what they like to wear

shouldn't make one hostile.


What does it matter

if I am rich or poor

and by being poor

funny looks I have to endure?


What does matter

is that we all were created

our bodies is just a shell

our spirits are related.


So what does it matter?





As I stand alone

and walk through life,

I am blind though I can see

only through my senses.


Its not until I grab my glasses (glasses represents Bible) ,

then turn each page mostly in black and white,

but some in red and white,

Ooh... now I can see and I can see you!


Ooh.. I thought you were so big!

Yet, you're so small and very slick.

Woe to the one's who lost their glasses,

or have them and just will not wear them.


They are lost as if a sheep without a shepherd

and cannot find their way home.

So I must keep and wear mine like I often do.

Its not because I'm blind.

Its so I can see you!




Until you know about sacrificing
all of your wants for your needs.
Until you know about loving a child
later finding its not your seed.

Until you know about going
to the Goodwill to shop for clothes
Until you know about the woman you loved
brought you unfaithful woes.

Until you know about being
with someone who's not in love.
Until you know about being married twice,
something your not proud of.

Until you know about writing late at night,
until your thoughts bring you in tears.
Until you know about hiding
your pain and all of your fears.

Until you know about being a man
in today's society.
Until you know about
struggling day to day to make the ends meet.

Until you know about women
negative comments bringing more stress.
Until you know about women thinking
all men want only is sex?

Until you understand the things
and all that I'm going through.
You can't possibly know,
Until you know me.





Tis a new season

and new a chapter

cause after the marriage

its the morning after.


GOD has done a lot

within in my life.

I've made some mistakes

in choosing a wife.


But time goes on

and seasons do change.

For nothing in this world

will remain the same.


We met without knowing

that our paths may cross.

God mixed the seasonings

into making this sauce.


A pinch of care

so we won't get sick

poured in forgiving and love

to make our sauce thick.


And now our journey

will be placed over heat

Going thru the fire

of marriage is so sweet.


The heat has caused

God's seasonings to blend

Becoming as one

The journey began....





Many do not acknowledge you,

For their reasons I donít know why?

For some still are crucifying you,

Denying that you even died.


Some take your name in vain,

Some say you do not exist.

For this reason I write these words,

For your cheek, I seek to kiss.

My Lord, My JesusÖ.


See my GOD spoke of lamb,

That would soon carry away all sins.

For this reason every knee shall bow,

You took the burdens for all men.


There is no man that my GOD shows favor,

For you are the one who prepared a place.

And for people who donít believe,

Itís a shame, a down right disgrace.

My Lord, My JesusÖ.


There are some that say your name is not Jesus,

Some say your name are others.

Well Lord, I really donít know,

For Iím not a history scholar.


But what I do know is when I call on your name,

Anytime that I am in need.

That itís your name that I have called,

That resolves the problem I plead!

My Lord, My JesusÖ.


Iím not here to knock others,

On what they say or their beliefs.

But Iím here as a soldier,

To stand for my Lord, and for peace.


For my Lord had done nothing to no one,

But gave love to us all.

And one day, it will be your time,

In your sick bed you will call:

My Lord, My JesusÖ..My Lord, My JesusÖ.

My Lord, My Jesus!





I canít promise

I wonít ever make you mad

I canít promise

There wonít be times when you will feel sad


I canít promise

That you wonít feel hurt nor feel stress

Like I canít promise

That I am perfect, when at times I am a mess


I canít promise

That our life will be so easy

I canít promise

That everything you do will please me


I canít promise

That I will always make you smile

Like I canít promise

I wonít ever stop loving my child


But through it all

After all of the things that I canít promise

Love is still here

Even though, I still canít promiseÖ