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Title:  BlackChild's The Rhythms Of Life
Category:     Poetry
Description:     "The Rhythms Of Life" is a riveting collection of spoken word poetry written by an emerging poet known as BlackChild(Corey D. Campbell). The poems in this book takes you on a journey through life experiences written in poetic form. You will be captivated and find that you cannot put this book down!
Copyright Year:     2011
Language:     English
Country:     United States



Readers Comments:


You have a new comment about your poem: ARE YOU AFRAID
A great poem that gets us questioning within, much talent and feeling here, Love duncan


You have a new comment about your poem: GON' PREACHER PREACH
Well written my brother, I''ll give this an amen


You have a new comment about your poem: MY LORD, MY JESUS
This is a very moving poem Corey, with such perfect meanings that everyone should read it.  I love the ''My Lord, My Jesus'' at the end of every second verse.  I can see this as a Hymn put to music. Love Ernestine XXX


You have a new comment about your poem: DO YOU REMEMBER
I really enjoyed this!  You really captured the feeling of that time with this poem.  Very nice.  Sincerely, Mary


You have a new comment about your poem: I CAN SHOW YOU HOW 2 LOVE

This was a fascinating story poem really. It told about the love experience of the writer in great detail. I love to read stories in poems. You can learn so much
from them. I hope it comes to fruition. This love story. It seems there will be
more verses to this poem. However it goes, it was written pretty well. As long as it can be understood, it is a success. No problems on that score.